Subject: Re: how can I use my 2nd serial port ?
To: John Vrolijk <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/31/1995 10:04:04
John Vrolijk said:

> I've got a 2nd serial port on my GVP '040 board. According to the manual
> it is the same as GVP's IOExtender card. How can I use that port, for 
> example with a modem ?
> It also has a 2nd parallel port. Same question there, do I need to setup something
> in my kernel config file ?

	1. Update to -current.
	2. Write the driver (or get someone else to)
	3. Send the driver to the core team (maybe with send-pr?)
	4. Now you can use the driver just like any other :^)

	At the moment, only Multi-Face III serial is supported (other than 
internal, of course), and I'm not sure that's been integrated into -current yet.

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