Subject: Re: XCL
To: None <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/31/1995 02:43:47 said:
> I grabbed the XCL server last week sometime but I couldn't seem to get it
> to work at all.  The most I got was an X screen (The black and white one
> in 1024x768x8) but I had no cursor or xterm.  Has anybody had this problem?
> I started it in the following manner:
> start -- -mode 7 -dev /dev/grf3 -memclock 60

	It'd be nice to know if it says what the problem is.  Chances 
are, it's something simple (like not having the Xserver be SUID).  Try 
catching the stderr of startx.

	In csh, this is done with 'startx >& filename'.
	In sh, it's done with 'startx 2>&1 filename' (I think - I don't 
use Bourne much).

	Thee output from that will catch most configuration problems, and 
may help identify problems that aren't local.

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