Subject: Problems with the hard disk..
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rasmus Wiman <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/29/1995 19:50:46
I have an error that seems quite hard on my /usr partition, and i don't 
know what to do wiht it... It all started when i accidentally deleted a 
file from AmigaDOS... When i booted it, everything had gone to the 
/usr/lost+found directory, and when i had put everything back where it 
belonged, one recursive directory remained, which i deleted... Next time 
i booted the system, it told med this:
fsck:MISSING '..' I=2 OWNER=root MODE=40755
fsck:SIZE=512 MTIME=Feb 20 00:42 1995

When i run fsck manually on the disk, it tells me about an error that 
cannot be fixed because second entry contains lost+found,m and then about 
an unref dir I=343 OWNER=root MODE=41777 and asks me i i want to 
reconnect it...

The lost+found directory is also quite interesting, ls -a shows a .. 
directory, but when i cd .. i remain in lost+found, and  if i try to 
delete it, it either says that it's not empty although i try to delete 
recursively, or it simply panics. I also get a panic if i do pwd in the 

Can i fix this without backing the system up in any way?

       	                Rasmus  Wiman
                   THE LAST SURFER IN HELL
                (Preferred) (also possible)