Subject: Re: A2000-040 and Picasso II
To: amiga <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Steve Paul <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/20/1995 10:01:13
On Mar 13, 10:46am, "Markus Illenseer" wrote:
>  The black screen means that the Picasso is not correctly intialized
> at all!  The problem is known, I have tried to fix it using the hack
> which added a 0xfff to the register-addresses hoping that the
> 040-Interface would then magically use the correct registers, alas it
> doesn't. 
>  I know the bug is only imminent for A2000 with 2 specific 040 boards:
> Firecracker and GVP.  Both are known to have a buggy 040 interface,
> under ADOS you would correct it using (a special) setpatch.

  Any ideas about this "setpatch" ??  My GVP-040 runs fine "dry" with
  ADOS with only the village drivers/68040.library so it must be in
  firmware/etc.  I think the main question is where the NetBSD fix needs 
  to made- in the grfcl, vm, or where?  Has anyone actually nailed down 
  the faults of '040 boards when used in an A2000?   Has anyone tried 
  using straight 68030 only code to this configuration?  We all know 
  it is something simple; a problem that will lead to an "Aha!  
  of course!" type of solutions.

  If anyone has any leads/source code/etc.  where can I get my hands
  on it so I can join in this effort?  Any leads would be *greatly*
  appreciated, so we can minimize duplicate efforts!