Subject: Re: How can i use floppy disks on NetBSD?
To: Rasmus Wiman <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/17/1995 13:56:43
> Also, can i use newfs to format a BFFS disk, like i guess the install 
> disk is? If not, how was the install disk created?
>        	                Rasmus  Wiman

	Interesting question.

herb# newfs /dev/fd0a
newfs: /dev/fd0a: not a character-special device
write error: 1759
wtfs: Input/output error
herb# newfs /dev/rfd0a
write error: 1759
wtfs: Input/output error


herb# disklabel -wr fd0 floppy3
disklabel: /dev/rfd0: No such file or directory

	I'm sure it's possible, the question is how?

	As a funny thing that may or may not be a bug (I suspect it is), 
when I tried the 'newfs /dev/fd0a', My X display started to dance - my 
xterm window's title bar copied itself all over the horizontal plane, 
ending up with a copy of it next to the existing one.  I removed the 
ghost by placing the real xterm over it and them moving the real one back.

	My system - A3000/25, 2C, 8F, RetinaZ2, XamigaRetina, NetBSD 1.0.

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