Subject: swap_pager_clean error
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jeff Mickey <jmic@Tezcat.Com>
List: amiga
Date: 03/13/1995 15:02:40
	Several days ago my A3k running NetBSD and X crashed,it had been 
up for roughly 2 days. This crash was sevier enough to requier ctrl-A-A 
to recover,returned to X and had no problums...until.
	Today i awoke to find the following error across all of the 
xterms (8) i had running...
		netbsd:sd1(ahsc0:3:0):illegal request
		swap_pager_clean:clean of page 7fe0000
with the address incramenting about every third itaration of the message.
	As well as the xterms i had emacs,arena, the standered clock, and 
xload running.
	My system is an A3000/16 with 16m fast and 2m of chip ram, the 
drive at sd1 is a Quantum lps540, located externaly. I have the origonal 
"proto" -04 controler chip.
	Shuting down X seems to have stoped the error...i asume by 
reducing system load.