Subject: Next NetBSD-Amiga-FAQ release
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/13/1995 14:56:00
<bold>Submissions for the next NetBSD-Amiga-FAQ Release

Hello folks;  This is a request for any additions or amendments you
may want included in the next release of the NetBSD-Amiga-FAQ to be
mailed to me =

<underline>within the next week!
</underline><nl> In two weeks time I will be away from computers for four=
 weeks (and so
will probably have to delete a lot of incoming mail without reading it
when I get back, cos there'll probably be about 2000 odd messages
waiting), and will then be in exams for another 3 to 4 (so I'll be able
to read mail, but probably not act on it for a while).

I therefore want to try and get a revised edition of the FAQ out within
the next two weeks (ie. before March 28th), so if you could get any
changes etc. you have been thinking about (however trivial) to me by
about March 20th I would be grateful.

(Incidentally, it would be nice if any people who are experienced with
NetBSD, and who probably don't read the FAQ, could thinking about sending=

me short "reviews" or summaries of books they find useful in programming,=

administering or generally using the BSD system).

Cheers, Tim.


Could people =

please send suggestions in
<bold>English only
</bold>as I don't speak German (I guess I could cope with French though :=


(Sorry to go on ;-)...  Could anyone let me know of the location (or send=
of any decent TeXinfo to HTML and plain ASCII conversion scripts/programs=

for the next release?

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