Subject: Re: your mail
To: David Jones <>
From: Jim Alexander <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/11/1995 18:54:52
David Jones writes:
> > Is the CD-ROM raw I/O support known to be broken in the 1.0 kernel?
> > I've been trying to get xmcd running under NetBSD.  When an
> > attempt is made to open /dev/rcd0a, it returns errno ENXIO
> > (device unconfigured).  The CD-ROM is seen on boot and I
> > can read ISO-9660 CDs fine.
> Assuming that Audio CDs and ISO 9660 CDs don't have standard Amiga disk
> labels, then wouldn't it be better if you tried rcd0c?
> I can't see how raw I/O could possibly be broken - raw I/O uses the same
> strategy routines as cached I/O, and you know that works, cuz ISO 9660
> works.

A couple of other people have sent me private email suggesting this -
I tried every minor device number, including the one corresponding
to rcd0c (major 9, minor 2).  No device with major number 9 seems
to work.

When I mount an IS0 9660 CD, I use the block devices (major 7) -
it doesn't seem to matter what the minor number is.  Audio players
like xmcd need to use the character devices, so it's quite possible
for one kernel driver to be screwed up and not the other.


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