Subject: current boot problems on A3000
To: Netbsd-Amiga List <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alan Kelm <>
List: amiga
Date: 03/02/1995 18:48:57
The generic kernel I've compiled from sources sup'ed today (and all other 
generic kernels I've compiled in the last month) hang during the boot 
process on my A3000.

Usually the hang occurs just before the filesystem checks should be done.
Once it got to the "2 mice configed;  10 views configured" line,  without 
doing filesystem checks,  and hung asking for a Shell.  Another time it 
hung as it was starting to identify the hard drives.

I tried binpatching _sbic_inhibit_sync to 1,  but it didn't help.

My configuration:

A3000 (2M chip/8M fast)  530M Fujitsu and 240M Quantum.
I also have an MFC III and a GoldenGate II board in the machine.

Release 1.0 generic kernel works fine for me.
[Yes,  I did compile the new]

Any suggestions?


:  Alan Kelm                                   :
:  Department of Mathematics and Statistics,  University of Ottawa,  Canada. :