Subject: tape drivers, hiccup ?
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rob Leland <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/28/1995 08:45:24
When restoring a /usr/src from tape, one file was skipped even
though it was on tape, all other files were properly restored.

Running Feb 20 snapshot, full binaries from Chris Hopps
A3000, 12MB FAST RAM, SCSI ID0 /,/usr, swap, other dirs, SCSI ID2 TAPE, SCSI 4 /usr/src
                           ^^^^^^^^                                      ^^^^^^^^
                            Netbsd 0.9 fs                                NetBSD-current file system
TAPE DRIVE is Archive Viper 2525 drive.

I was moving my /usr/src tree to a larger partition, so I backed
it up to tape uncompressed. After I restored /usr/src from tape
and started a rebuild the usr/src/usr.bin/m4/pathnames.h file
was missing. Looking at my backup tape the file was there and
when I did a tar -xvf /dev/Ast0 usr/src/usr.bin/m4 the entire
directory was extractred with no problem including the 
pathnames.h file.

The /dev/Ast0 is block, major = 5, minor = 8.

/dev/rst0, and /dev/st0 won't work with this tape drive.

I know that most Unix systems use character devices for their
tape drives but that doesn't work for me.

SO- Any suggestions? I am willing to rm -r /usr/src, and start over
if there is debugging I can turn on. I would hate for this to happen
and not notice that something critical and unique was missing after
a few weeks from a tape.