Subject: Re: Colors on X
To: None <>
From: Virtually Here <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/27/1995 20:45:03 just said:
> If I go into xv or xpain and set the values like so I get a blue result
> red = 255
> green = 0
> blue = 0
> Has anybody else experience this phenomenon? I am runing on a 3000 with 
> 12megs of ram and a 2mb Spectrum board. And of course xamiga24.

Yes, this is a problem with the older Cirrus (Picasso/Spectrum/Piccollo)
support.  The Picasso addresses red and blue in opposite order of
the other two cards.  Since Dagge did a large portion (nearly all)
of the original grf_cl development, and he has a Picasso...

In any case, 'ezy-cirrus' (on regensburg) incorporates the
fix for this problem...basically checking the board ID, and
adjusting the load/set cmap accordingly.

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