To: <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/26/1995 14:52:19
In article <>,
Martin J. Koistinen <> wrote:
>I have found out the hard way that I need ixemul.library to run loadbsd. 
>It would be pretty cool if the /Amiga/Utils/ directory had a copy in it
>for us newbies.  Thanks!

	I've got it in NetBSD-Amiga/tools, so uni-regensburg and anyone 
else that mirrors must have it there, as well.  This is the same place 
you get loadbsd from, so I think it's a good place.

	Wait a sec here...  You mean the NetBSD-1.0 tree, don't you?
Good point.  For that matter, loadbsd might should be updated there, too.
Anyone know how to make changes to the NetBSD-1.0/amiga tree?  Would that 
be initiated from sun-lamp?