Subject: Re: 68060
To: Stephen Champion <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/19/1995 12:44:02
> > Who's working on making NetBSD run on 68060? Who's going to?
> 	And who's going to buy them the Trans-Warp(s) :^)

	Sorry, I got interrupted by a fire alarm.  I should have been 
more explicit than that.

	The person(s) that do '060 support will be the first to have a 
meeting of several necessary prerequisites.  They need the expertise, the 
'060 board, the time, and the desire.  Since '060 boards have barely hit 
the market yet, it's virtually impossible to say who will do it - that 
person probably doesn't even know it yet, even if he has the time, 
expertise, and desire.

	However there are a few problems that may make this one takea 
while longer than some would like.  From the little I've heard, the '060 
is not fully register and instruction compatible with any of the previous 
M680x0's.  All portions of the OS that are done in assembly need to be 
looked at and checked for '060 compatibility.  The parts done in C would 
be easy except for one thing - GCC 2.4.5 doesn't support the '060.  
Consequently, an '060 NetBSD would need to run with newer versions of 
GAS, GCC, libgcc, libg++, and probably other utilities as well.  I'm not 
sure that even GCC 2.6.3 supports the '060, so this could be a problem.  
This should involve a compiler upgrade for all of NetBSD, to retain 
full compatibility.

	There may be other factors at work here, too.  I know little of 
OS and CPU design (I'll know a good bit more in a few months :^), so I 
can't really say how the many new features of the '060 will affect an OS.

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