Subject: How do i fix my trashed filesystem?
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rasmus Wiman <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/15/1995 13:21:17
Yesterday, i made a horrible mistake! While in AmigaDOS i moved a file on 
my /usr partition that i had mounted with BFFSfilesystem! When i booted 
NetBSD the computer stopped booting furing fsck, and asked me to fix it 
manually. Nothing was mounted, but i ran FSCK and mounted sd1f (the 
corrupted disk in /usr (where it should be) and found that everything was 
situated in lost+found and the everything that was situated in /usr/ (but 
tnank god, not in its subdirectories) had their names changed to numbers. 
Everything seems to exist, but how do i get a grip on this mess and 
restore things to what is was? when i try mv on a directory i get the 
answer "blabla is a directory"... If i move all the dirs into place, will 
it boot then? (Geee, why isn't there a Unix Dopus (or is there one)?)

By the way, what do i need to use the Xcl server? I have compiled my 
1.0-kernal with the cirrus-3 sources and i use the oct94 version of 
X11R6, and it works fine together with the Xamiga24 server on my picasso, 
but when i Use Xcl i get a screen and a pointer, but then things stop 
happening on the screen and randon sounds come from my speakers...

Thanks for helping me!

       	                Rasmus  Wiman
                   THE LAST SURFER IN HELL
                (Preferred) (also possible)