Subject: Thanks! + FAQ Networking PPP Entry
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rob Leland <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/10/1995 00:42:30
Much thanks to all who replied to my mail messages.

I finally got my PPP connection going.

I asked my service provider to consider setup broadcast
for my ppp connection, so other systems would also know
my system. 

I then noticed that I occasionally received packets back,
this was an improvement.

I then turned on hardware flow control via pppd and also
by sending an AT&F1 to my modem, and it worked!!!

The below revises the networking FAQ script
Allows just one command.
Also corrects a serious command mistake which was 
starting the pppd was described as:
	pppd connect 'chat ...... start' /dev/tty00
'start' will prevent chat from connecting up.


Please revise the entry for networking FAQ to read.

If you are just using pppd to dial-out, and don't require
a dialin capability then you need to disable getty. You can
do this by commenting out the /dev/tty00 entry in the /etc/ttys
Make sure that you have a /etc/ppp/options file. To create
a blank one 'touch /etc/ppp/options'

Also very important, when debugging your chat script inorder
to get the 'chat -v' option to work, add a *.info entry in your
/etc/syslog.conf to see informational entries. 

The below revisions assumes chat will dial the phone.

1. ifconfig ppp0 , note that the <remote ip address> is usually optional
     ifconfig ppp0 inet <local ip address> [<remote ip address>]
				 -arp -trailers

2.1 (Not needed with this method) was using kermit

3.1 connect  directly with pppd option 
For this you need an account on the remote machine which
automatically starts up a ppp pear such as dplogin,pppd.

	pppd crtscts defaultroute 'chat "" AT<set-modem-to-use-HW-flow>
		 "" ATDT<phone-number> ogin:-ogin:-ogin: <loginname>
		assword: <password>' /dev/tty00 9600 

4. (Not needed any more) was ifconfig ppp0 up

5. (Not needed any more) was route add <remote-ip>

Optionally you can put your pppd options in the /etc/ppp/options
file instead of on the command line the file looks like this:


If you have trouble then it is highly recommended looking at the 
README file in /usr/src/usr.sbin/pppd/chat which has a few setup
tips. Also checkout comp.protocols.ppp, every 2-Weeks the post
a FAQ that is worth getting.