Subject: Hello.... I've been subscribing to this list
To: Mailing list for NetBSD <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Sunrise <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/09/1995 23:57:27
for quite a while, saving this and that and silently trying to grok this 
whole process. I finally feel that I am ready to attempt this. To-wit

 My system consists of: 
 1) A2000 w 2630 (030/882 @50MHz) and 4 MB 32 bit ram.
    1 MB Chip Ram (soon to be 2 MB)
    1 2058 8 meg card (with 4 meg disabled to live with 2632)
    1 GVP I/O Extender
    1 HP DeskJet 500C
    1 IVS Trumpcard RDB SCSI Controller
    1 Retina Z2 with 4 megs of on board video ram
    1 Laser Magnetic Storage 'patriot' 3480 cartridge backup.
    1 20" Mitsubishi Diamondscan HC3905R multisynch monitor.
With that configuration in mind: I need to know the following 
 1) Where to get NetBSD Unix (current I assume will contain everything to
    date and not require me to do 1.0 then apply current)
 2) Can I get the necessary files in one nice little archive or small 
    amount of archives (preferably LHA format even)

 3) How much disk space do I REALLY need to have. I currently have 430 
    megs on three volumes. I suppose I can spare 300 of it on the one
    300 MB device, If I have to.
 4) Since the I do not have 8 megs of contiguous memory, is the 	
    non-contiguous memory patch part of Current?
 5) Will my SCSI controller be supported under NetBSD and if so, does anyone	
    know if my tape drive will work? It's SCSI-I compliant and I have had no
    trouble using QuarterBack to write to it.

   Thanks for your indulgence and tolerance in advance.