Subject: -current dynamic<>static getpid()
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/09/1995 18:12:43
hello NetBSD amiga + current,

Thanks again for the help with my struggle to build a working
-current.  The main suggestion was to join the current mailing list.
Since I am new to this list I might have missed some crucial input in
the past and I apologise for that.

I would like to report an anomaly I encountered which may be my fault
or may be a general problem. I sincerely hope to be useful and/or to
get help.

Point is that I found (inspired by an email of Donn Cave
<>) a weird problem which probably explains why
certain programs (like xdm) don't work.

The following program

#include <...>

	printf("%d\n", getpid());

correctly prints out e.g. 1234 when linked statically but consequenlly
prints out e.g. 1 (first character) when linked dynamically.

I will summarise the facts (suggestions from other people + things I
did) that might be related. Comments are welcome.

- I made backups
- I supped source and include
- I copied include to /usr/include and also copied *.h from sys/sys/*
to /usr/include/sys/* (ortherwise some things did not compile). I also
copied arch/amiga/include (or something similar) to
/usr/include/machine for the same reason. Sorry if names are not
- I compiled lib and copied *.a to /usr/lib
- I compiled the kernel and all binaries
- I rebooted single user, installed the *.so.* to /usr/lib and binaries
to their correct place.
- I rebooted current.

Someone suggested that I should use the compiler that comes with
-current but I did not (in fact someone else suggested me to use the
latest versions available). I used 2.6.2 ...

Someone else told me that there is a fixed order in which to upgrade
from 1.0 to current (I don't know the order, it has appeared in the
mailing list).

Another thing I wonder is if might have changed. If so I wonder
where the source code is.

I also wonder if PC users have a similar problem or if it is related to

Finally I wonder if this 'rings a bell' and if the example program
fails for other people.



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