Subject: Re: Newbie problems!
To: None <, joern@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
From: Stephen J. Roznowski <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/08/1995 22:26:32
> From: Joern Clausen <joern@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
> So I originally thought, this should be changed at the central distribution
> point, which is sunlamp, isn't it? My first mail was not directed to any
> special person (not you Hubert, sorry),  because I don't know, who is
> responsible for such things.
> Maybe someone can enlighten me (and others) about the structures of the
> NetBSD development team. It's not long ago, that Tron and Markus wanted to
> know, who they should ask to include changes in the distribution.

The "correct" way for people to be suggesting/making changes is to
file bug reports using send-pr. It's only a shell script and easily
ported if necessary. This way changes don't get lost (forgotten is
another story... :-).