Subject: Re: Emacs and kernel source
To: H}kan Th|rngren <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/02/1995 20:54:01
> If I get 19.28, will it compile without problems?


> This is a FAQ, but it could not find the in the FAQ.  :-(

> Where can I find the latest kernel source?

Somewhere on (or one of its mirrors, e.g.

> I am considering a CD-ROM player for my A3000 which I believe is supported
> by NetBSD.  But what about PhotoCDs?  If I get a multisession CD-player,
> can I display the nice photos on my A3000 (using X)?

Good question! I'd like if that new Toshiba quadraspeed drive works with NetBSD
1.0. Anyone?


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