Subject: Re: X on a Retina-Z3 (to be or not to be current)
To: Marc Duponcheel <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/02/1995 18:52:59

> Hello amiga@NetBSD.ORG, Hello Jim
> > Jim Alexander
> > To users/developers of -current kernel sources - have there been any
> > changes since 1.0 that will force me to recompile binaries other
> > than the kernel?  I've only got kernel sources.
> I am not a current developer (and not a current user see below). I have
> the same question.

You need new libs and other new binaries, for example gdb !!! which works now.

> *something* makes current not run as it should ...

Ups, why that ? Here it works.

> (2b) I ftped latest gcc

Oh, PLEASE use the gcc which is in current ! There is NO garantee that a 2.6.x
works with the current kernel and binaries.

> (2c) I rebuilt *everything* (yes *everything*) that compiled (about 99%)
> [my A4000 was busy (not permanent) 4 days]

It tooks me one day to update from 1.0 to current :)

> (3b) bad news: some other binaries (new or old ones) did not work (e.g.
> df) + other problems (ncd xterminal no longer served).

That is maybe a problem with the a different gcc and not the one from current.

> (4) back to working set of netbsd ... :-|
> My question is:
> Is this a 'normal' situation or is it exceptional.  (I never have such
> 'bad' interaction for new binaries & kernels on my Linux PC). I
> 'almost' considered switching to Linux for Amiga ...

Thats normal when you use current.

> What is the previous stable current (and what will be the next stable
> current).

I don't have any problems since 6th Januar. I use current since that day.


P.S: When I have time I make a set of binaries and upload it on regensburg,
but don't expect that for the 15th this month.