Subject: Re: X on a Retina-Z3 (to be or not to be current)
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Marc Duponcheel <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/02/1995 14:14:17
Hello amiga@NetBSD.ORG, Hello Jim

> Jim Alexander

> To users/developers of -current kernel sources - have there been any
> changes since 1.0 that will force me to recompile binaries other
> than the kernel?  I've only got kernel sources.

I am not a current developer (and not a current user see below). I have
the same question.

*something* makes current not run as it should ...

I am not blaming anyone, in fact I like to congratulate everybody who
contributes to NetBSD Amiga. **** CONGRATULATIONS ****

I took the following (long & winding) road:

(1a) compiled current and reported that ps did not work
(1b) got many (thanks) replies telling me I had to
 - use the right includes
 - recompile binaries
 - use right compiler
(2a) I supped and ftped a *complete* current (binaries+kernel)
(2b) I ftped latest gcc
(2c) I rebuilt *everything* (yes *everything*) that compiled (about 99%)
[my A4000 was busy (not permanent) 4 days]
(2d) I installed *everything* (yes *everything*) [I made backup :-)]
(a few 100 binaries + a few 10 shared libs + kernel]
(2c) *note*
I am always scared like hell when I have to upgrade shared libs and
running binaries.  A running binary can be stopped but I usually remove
and overwrite it ...  A shared lib cannot be raplaced without risk of
problems (so I went to single user). Also I get problems with crypt not
being correct (scary too, cannot login root ...).
(3a) good news: I got a kernel *and* a ps that worked !!!!
(3b) bad news: some other binaries (new or old ones) did not work (e.g.
df) + other problems (ncd xterminal no longer served).

(4) back to working set of netbsd ... :-|

My question is:

Is this a 'normal' situation or is it exceptional.  (I never have such
'bad' interaction for new binaries & kernels on my Linux PC). I
'almost' considered switching to Linux for Amiga ...

What is the previous stable current (and what will be the next stable


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