Subject: Re: TEX for X11R6?
To: None <>
From: Markus Landgraf <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/01/1995 07:56:33
>>>>> "Geir" == Geir Harald Hansen <> writes:

    Geir> Anyone going to compile TEX for X11R6? I really liked the
    Geir> TEX package at Only problem is, it's
    Geir> compiled for X11R5.. :( hm.. Guess I only need a couple of
    Geir> binaries..

Hmm, TeX has nothing to do with X11, you can use it on a ASCII terminal.

    Geir> I'm new to unix shared libraries, but I must say I find this
    Geir> system really silly. xdvi complains that it can't get
    Geir> version 5.2 of the libraries, why can't it use version
    Geir> 6.0???

The cause is, that is was linked with the 5.2 version of the shared
library. There is a workaround for this Problem: do a symbolic link
from to But it is better to recompile
xdvi which isn't very difficult.

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