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From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/30/1995 14:04:25
First, I'd like the folks who do the amiga port of NetBSD to know that I
definitely appreciate the effort and personal expense they've invested.  OS
hacking is fun, and can be extremely frustrating, but hopefully at least as
rewarding!  Thanks for your time and efforts!

Now for my questions!

I've been examining the option of using NetBSD on one of my Amigas, and
would appreciate some insight into the following:

        1. Not having delved into the internals of the OS, I'm curious just
           what portions require an FPU?  I know the requirement currently
           exists for an FPU, but if I knew just what FPU instructions were
           used and where, perhaps a non-FPU patch could be generated?  I'd
           be willing to dig out my floating point knowledge to help in
           this area.

        2. Is it possible to build NetBSD from AmigaDOS using GCC, et al?
           I'm a bit confused about what steps to take, since I'm not
           terribly familiar with the build procedure yet (I don't have a
           running NetBSD anywhere, so far).

If I've not been clear enough in my requests, please let me know and I'll
provide more information as I can.  Thanks!

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