Subject: Re: Installation Woes
To: Dmitri Baughman <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/29/1995 17:01:42
> The binaries are on my Micropolis 1.2G HD, and I successfully mount this with
> the "mount_ados" command.  I go through the regular "Set_tmp_dir" procedure,
> and begin an "Extract base10" from the correct directory.  About the first
> 4-5 files are extracted, then I get an "ahsc_dmanext at end !!!" error code.
> I've read through all the FAQ files I could find, and reference to this error
> is always made AFTER a successful install.  I'd like to try the "binpatch" to
> _scsi_no_dma and/or _inhibit_sync[1] but I don't have the "vmunix" kernel

First, _inhibit_sync[] has been changed into a (4 byte) int called
"sbic_inhibit_sync". It's initial value is 1, so you'd have to set it to 0,
IF!!! it hangs while scanning all your SCSI-disks.

As you apparently got as far as mounting your amigaos, this isn't the solution
you're looking for.

> (i.e. ls -laR /mnt/ados > list.lis), but when I try to TAR up some files on a
> partition, the same error code appears and the system hangs.  What can I
> do?!  Thank you!

Good question. :-| Try re-formatting your amigaOS-partition or use a different
one which is plain FFS (no internationsl mode) and blocksize 512 bytes.


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