Subject: New NetBSD-Amiga FAQ Release
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/27/1995 15:47:27
Hi folks...

   At long long last (after much delay <grin>) I have a
new release of the NetBSD Amiga FAQ for your perusal.

   You may notice a few changes since the last
release (I hope so anyway) - please let me know if they
are in general good or bad, or if you have any
suggestions - mail me at  A summary
of the changes follows...

      o texinfo node names have been restructured into
	a more logical form every page has a six
	letter mnemonic, and the structure is arranged
	hierarchically.  For example, the binpatch
	answer in the hardware section of the FAQ is
	named FAQ&AS.HARDWR.BINPAT; this should be
	more or less transparent to the reader, but it
	makes the whole issue much easier to maintain.

      o The Frequently Asked Questions have now been
	split into four subsections - Installation,
	Teething problems, Hardware and Miscellaneous.

      o There is a new chapter on building your own
	kernel - I haven't finished writing this yet,
	and any contributions or suggestions would
	be appreciated.

      o In the "More Information" section, I have
	included a subsection on relevant books/texts;
	if anyone would like to submit a short summary
	of a book (good or bad) with publisher info.
	etc. along the lines of the one I have included,
	I would again be grateful.

So, there you go, hope the changes are appreciated.

   I have produced the document in .dvi,.ps,HTML and
Info form.  They are only in A4 form, I couldn't be
bothered to produce anything else - if you are
desperate for an alternative size and can't compile
the TeXinfo sources (also included), mail me.

A note about the HTML version: I noticed a bug about
30 seconds ago which means most of the text in the
"Information" chapter comes out italicised; rather
than not bother at all, I've left it in anyway.  This
is due to the braindead texinfo to HTML script I'm
using - if anyone knows of a decent alternative, let
me know.

The files should be on as soon
as it will let me log in, I am also going to look at
uploading the FAQ onto Aminet (Thanks Hubert ;-).


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