Subject: Re: color X11R6 ECS
To: Alan Kelm <>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/26/1995 22:43:57
> But you can get an ECS color server under X11R6.  I picked one up in 
> December from  It was called Xamiga24,  and it
> did fine as a color server under X11R6 on my ECS A3000.  I only managed to
> use it when logged in as super-user,  but it worked fine.

*WHAT* ?? Xamiga24 is my baby, and I certainly didn't implement any color
support for /dev/grf0... Are you sure you weren't confused by either
a) the console cursor still being displayed, because it's on the second,
   not used plane
b) perhaps using one of the ecs-servers because you didn't re-link /usr/bin/X
   to Xamiga24?

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