Subject: Re: AAARGH you people
To: Geir Harald Hansen <!>
From: Stuart Park <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/25/1995 22:29:31
> > > I don't know why, but NetBSD crashes all the time with only 4M RAM.
> > I have an A3000 with 4MB FAST and it crashes very rarely nowadays.
> > With 0.9 it crashed almost every day, but 1.0/current seems to be
> My machine would sometimes crash when using ados partitions. But the
> main problem seemed to be with virtual memory.

When I first loaded a pre-release version of NetBSD 1.0 onto my A3000,
and I only had 4M, it would crash with a kernel panic whenever I tried 
to start up any of the network config. (no actual network, just a local
one so I could run X-Windows).  However, when I loaded a later version
of 1.0, the problems disappeared.

However, I really think that 8M is the minimum required to do ANYTHING
useful!  I now have 12M, and X-Windows and compiling and everything
else run perfectly.  I am really enjoying using my Amiga for what I 
originally bought it for.. many thanks to the development team and 
the many others who have helped!

(my only gripe, and it is a very small one, is not being able to get
colour while running X11R6.. but this is because I only have the 
standard ECS, no graphics card.  Oh well, can't have perfection. :) )