Subject: Re: AAARGH you people
To: Jukka Forsgren <>
From: Geir Harald Hansen <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/24/1995 10:53:54
> > I don't know why, but NetBSD crashes all the time with only 4M RAM. It's
> > useless that way.. either the bug(s) should be fixed or the FAQs etc.
> > should be updated to say NetBSD needs 8M minimum. :(
> I have an A3000 with 4MB FAST and it crashes very rarely nowadays. With 0.9
> it crashed almost every day, but 1.0/current seems to be stable.. :)

My machine would sometimes crash when using ados partitions. But the main
problem seemed to be with virtual memory.

I bet you don't try to compile 1.3M .c files often? Well, I did ;) Now I get
"virtual memory exhausted". And I'm HAPPY when I see this, because the only
way I got this message when I had 4M mem was when I used 'limit', otherwise
I would get a kernel panic! Same thing with the standard fvwm setup.. it 
tries to start up a lot of things at the same time, BANG -> kernel panic. :(
(I have 32M swap so this last thing makes me think the VM system also
can crash if the load is too high? it couldn't have been swapping 32M?)

Now with 8M everything seems to be fine..

If you want to test your system, get cim from regensburg. Then get* (you'll have to change the Makefile).
Well, should be enough to run out of virtual memory one way or another
really.. with 4M..

Seems to me this is one of the first things that needs fixing. One of the
things unix does better than ados is stability, but not so with netbsd
yet :( If I had the knowledge I'd work on it myself, but my background is
all amiga and no unix. (Taking a course with kernel hacking at the
university now :) it's minix though ;( )

Sorry for the long post.. and this is no flame :) NetBSD/amiga is the
best thing that has happened to the amiga in a looong time!

- Geir Harald Hansen,