Subject: Re: AAARGH you people
To: Geir Harald Hansen <>
From: Timothy Newsham <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/21/1995 19:47:25
> I used to have this problem all the time with 4M memory. Now I have 8M
> and I messages like "virtual memory exhausted". Not that I like those
> messages, but the kernel panics were really getting on my nerves!

this might be your soft limit.  Use the csh 'limit' command to
check it and 'ulimit' to throw it away.  See if this makes the
problem go away.

> I don't know why, but NetBSD crashes all the time with only 4M RAM. It's
> useless that way.. either the bug(s) should be fixed or the FAQs etc.
> should be updated to say NetBSD needs 8M minimum. :(

I run with 5megs currently.. I've noticed a few crashes at
strange times (usually running several programs like a build)
but not many.  Under light load its pretty stable:

 7:52PM  up 27 days,  2:55, 3 users, load averages: 1.16, 1.07, 1.02

> - Geir Harald Hansen,