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List: amiga
Date: 01/21/1995 18:43:16
Hubert Feyrer used his/her keyboard on 20.01.1995 at 07:58:36
to create the following text about "Re: NetBSD on Aminet?":

HF> > but  even  a  distribution  via  Aminet  and
HF> > Aminet-CDs  would  be better than having to FTP some forty MBytes. Unix ist
HF> > fuer alle da.

HF> Right, and why not keep it as free as possible? Why should one earn money with
HF> something he doesn't do anything for?

Oh, how  I  hate  people  with  principles.  Why  should  people  *without*
FTP-access, but *with* a CD-ROM-drive not use NetBSD? Anyone not wanting to
pay for a CD (or not wanting so support someone  who  makes  money  out  of
other  people's  work)  can  still FTP their NetBSD. Either produce a CD of
your own and sell it for as much as you think  to  be  appropiate  or  stop
whining  about  other  people  who  want  to distribute this great piece of

Sorry for being somewhat rude, but this is my  honest  opinion.  I  had  to
spent  a  full  afternoon  at  university  to ftp NETBsd and put it on some
thirty disks. It took me several attempts to get it running - well, kind of
-  only  to  have  the installation destroyed by BFFS. PC-Lin*x users would
probably   laugh   at   me.   They   put    in    a    CD,    follow    the
installation-instructions and have several GB of software ready to use. And
what about NetBSD? Some TTY-Games and that's all. You want more? Well,  FTP
X11, FTP this, FTP that...another xxx MBytes.

Someone  wrote that there will be a NetBSD/networking-CD. Good. Even better
than aminet. But when? If Urban wants to put it on his CDs _now_, then  let