Subject: fd0 high density probs
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Daniel Balster <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/20/1995 10:44:31

the following error occured using /dev/fd0a on my amiga 4000:

during bootup it tells me either /dev/fd0 : 3.5" hd or dd; this
depends on what kind of floppy i've inserted. so it can recognize
what kind of floppy disk i use.

using 'disklabel /dev/fd0a' it tells me if i have inserted a dd/hd
type of floppy. this seems to work, too.

but: if i do a 'newfs /dev/fd0a' it only works with dd-type of disks!
using 'newfs' on hd-type of disks it produces ugly noises and 2 significant
error messages:

a) not a character device (or similar, sorry i forgot to write it down)

b) i/o error on block 1739  (or so: it was exactly MAXBLOCKS-1)

this occurs on EACH hd disk i have tested. all disks are 100% ok and were
checked with amiga/pc/unix (sgi/sun)...

so: is it my fault or is it still unimplemented ?

i've checked the drive, the disks and so on, even a 'mount_ados /dev/fd0a /mnt'
does not work properly (with dd type of disks it does)

by the way: what is the difference between /dev/fd0a and /dev/fd0b ?
/dev/fd0b is not configured (or is this for 5.25" drives ?)

daniel balster,