Subject: Re: NetBSD on Aminet?
To: None <Sanders@wizard.Nashua.NH.US>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/20/1995 08:07:46
> Is there a supported CD based distribution?

Meeting Pearls I contains a quite old version of NetBSD/Amiga, which was
nevertheless fully functional. Besides another version of the MP, I know
there's someone working on a NetBSD+Networking-CD for the Amiga which will
contain quite some stuff for NetBSD/amiga.

> I heard there was a prerelease version on a Meeting Pearl CD, but I also
> heard that there probably wouldn't be any more MP CDs.  Does anyone know
> anything more about this?

There will be at leaset a 2nd issue of the Meeting Pearls CD, and AFAIK it will
contain NetBSD 1.0 for Amiga. And no, I don't kow when it will come out.

Stay tuned,


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