Subject: sup
To: Netbsd-Amiga List <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alan Kelm <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/19/1995 17:56:59
> It would be very interesting for me to be able to update my -current tree
> from a diff rather than downloading a whole .tar.gz file.

Updating from a diff would be _much_ more efficient that fetching a new
sys.tar.gz file everytime you needed to get -current.
It also has the advantage that you don't need to do an entire recompile,  
but only have 'make' recompile the changed files.

SUP essentially does a dynamic patching job, fetching new versions of any 
files that have changed.

> I have no
> direct InterNet access and I don't know if I can use sup (or how).

If you have dialup access to a unix account,  you can probably do sup 
using the following procedure:  (this is what I did recently).

1) Get the 'term' sources from the Linux archives on

2) Following the instructions,  make and install term under NetBSD and
   on your Unix mainframe (you need a few hundred K space to do this).

3) Dial-up your mainframe using "tip" or some other NetBSD software,
   and give the "term" command to your Unix host.

4) Suspend tip,  and start term under NetBSD with  term -v /dev/tty0

5) Try trsh to verify that you can open a remote shell via term.

6) Get "sup" from (there is an Amiga binary and docs there).

7) Create a "supfile" telling what part of the NetBSD collection you want
   to sup,  and give the command
       tredir 871     (this gets term to connect to your
                                           sup server)

8) sup -v supfile
   (and watch the files come in)

It's really not too hard after you get everything working,  and as a
side-benefit,  you get a decent substitute for network access (term).

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