Subject: Re: NetBSD on Aminet?
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ezra Story <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/19/1995 16:38:03
> Why don't you try to find a solution for ALL.
>  - No NetBSD on Aminet-CD to avoid commercial/money problems

i.e. Exclude NetBSD from the regular Aminet distribution.

>  - wuarchive simply mirrors uni-regensburg, without changes in dir-struct or

i.e. Simply mirror the existing NetBSD-Amiga dir from regensburg.

>  - For new files someone should write aminet-like readme's, perhaps the
>    uploader should do that, or Hubert if the uploader doesn't, or Urban, if
>    not the other two ... :)
>    He could mail/upload them back to Regensburg. Readme's need no restriction
>    to 40 chars description, as I see in aminet there are many with several
>    pages length.

Why?  Look above.  What's the point of doing all this work?  It's true that
NetBSD-Amiga could benefit from a larger distribution network, but it is
also true that Aminet is suited to distributing AmigaDOS stuff, not
alternative operating systems.  Why not just convince more sites to mirror
regensburg instead of jumping through various hoops to get everything in
some "acceptable" form for aminet?

>  - without CD, I think, there won't be more people having access to BSD stuff,
>    but they would have better one.

There are already NetBSD CD's out (ok, in japan :-) but they'll start
appearing all over the place soon, I'd bet) and they include the Amiga
NetBSD distribution.  Aminet is a great resource for AmigaDOS stuff, but
trying to encompass NetBSD is beyond its scope. (Using lha for UNIX
archives?  Are you nuts?! :-)).

> Comments ?

Look, the only reason anyone would want to put NetBSD on aminet in the
first place is because they want to "advertise" it as being available, and
increase its distribution.  That's an incredibly silly way to do it.  Just
post articles about its availability on the proper usenet groups and set
up mirrors for regensburg.  It's not like someone is gonna refuse to try it
out because it's "not on aminet".

There is absolutely no reason to associate NetBSD-Amiga with aminet at