Subject: Re: NetBSD on Aminet?
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG,>
From: Manfred Bathelt (CIP 92) <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/19/1995 20:43:37
> > How about you (markus and hubert) volunteer to provide support at a
> > rate of, say, $50 per hour, and require that any distribution with a paid
> > medium (Aminet, for instance) require that full notice be given that support
> > for this work is not* free, et al...?
> Nice idea, and how do you want to account for the time, i.e. how do we make
> sure I was at the phone for a certain time and not longer or less? Only the one
> who called me and I 'd know this, and I don't think Urban will believe what I
> claim to spend on support.
> Hubert

Oh - no ! It caused (and causes) much anger that some people get money for
doing something (more or less important) for aminet. Should the same thing
happen to NetBSD ??? I don't think so ! Why should anyone be paid for a work
he did without $ before ? Why should then anyone invest his spare time to do
something for others, if he doesn't earn money with it ?
In this way, there would be no NetBSD, and no aminet too.

So people, this is a _VERY BAD_ idea, I think !

Why don't you try to find a solution for ALL.
 - No NetBSD on Aminet-CD to avoid commercial/money problems
 - wuarchive simply mirrors uni-regensburg, without changes in dir-struct or
   filenames. This will hurt nobody if there's no CD
 - For new files someone should write aminet-like readme's, perhaps the
   uploader should do that, or Hubert if the uploader doesn't, or Urban, if
   not the other two ... :)
   He could mail/upload them back to Regensburg. Readme's need no restriction
   to 40 chars description, as I see in aminet there are many with several
   pages length.
 - without CD, I think, there won't be more people having access to BSD stuff,
   but they would have better one.

Solutions like repacking/renaming files would end in completely messed up users,
and it would be very difficult for some to find out, which archive is newer etc.
And to burden the support to non aminet people would not be ok. 

Urban, you have the allowness from Hubert to simple mirror his archive (no CD),
why don't you do this ?

Comments ?


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