Subject: Re: Graphics boards
To: H}kan Th|rngren <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <lilly!!>
List: amiga
Date: 01/19/1995 00:12:28
H}kan Th|rngren writes:
> I want a non-interlaced display of 1152x950 (or whatever the SUN-resolution
> is), 256 colours and ~70Hz update freq or better.
> >From what I understand, there are 4 alternatives:
> 1. Picasso II (or Spectrum or Piccolo) using a Cirrus chip.
>    They fit into my specification?
> 2. Retina Z2.  The most likely board to be found on the second hand market.
>    Can it do 1152x900 non-interlaced?   How is it compared  to a Cirrus
>    board?  Is it slow?  (There must be a reason why they made Retina Z3)

Yes it can do 1152x900 non-interlaced. As a matter of fact I am running it
now at a refresh rate of 70Hz. But this is only possible when it contains the
tuning kit ROMi (~100MHz Videobandwith).

cheerio Berndt
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