Subject: Re: Graphics boards
To: None <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/18/1995 17:32:19
> Sorry to bug in, but I need some advice on which graphics board I should
> get for NetBSD.  I have used NetBSD in the past, but went back to AmigaDOS

	I've been working on the same decision, so I'll share what people have
told me.

> I can't stand AmigaDOS any longer so I have to switch again.

	Ah, come on...  Love'm both!  :^)

> I want a non-interlaced display of 1152x950 (or whatever the SUN-resolution
> is), 256 colours and ~70Hz update freq or better.

	I think any of the boards you mention will give you that, I think (not sure 
about the 70Hz, but should be close - someone correct me if I'm wrong).

	It seems Picasso II and the Retinas are the most common.  Retina Z3, is 
of course, the best (and the most expensive).  I've been looking only at 
Retina Z2 and Picasso II.
	Picasso has a Pass-through.
	All the reports I've gotten indicate the Z2 is faster than Picasso.

	(Note:  These reports are summaries - I don't have a 3 button yet :^)

	Jukka Marin gave me the following (incomplete) list on the Picasso 
AmigaDos modes:
	640x480 256 73Hz
	800x600 256 82Hz
	1024x768 256 78Hz
	1120x832 256 73Hz
	1152x900 256 68Hz
	1280x1024 (interlaced) 16
	1600x1200 (interlaced) 16

That list misses the 24bit modes, and probably a few others.  I'm not sure, but I 
think it carries 256 colors farther than that (or do those 16's mean 16 bit?).

	He also said that had used the 1152x900 mode in NetBSD - It was slowish, 
but that should change when the driver starts to utilize the blitter.

	Marcus Poplawski told me that the Retina Z2 gave up to a 93Hz refresh,
1280x1024, 1024x768, and a max of 2048x2048 (using virtual modes).  I'm not sure 
what other modes and colour depths it supports, but I know it has both 256 color
and 24 bit modes.

	For me a pass-through is a major consideration because of some strange 
going-on with my Quantum Empire and 1.4 (bootstrap) ROMs.  If I can find a good
solution to lots of cable switching, I'll get a Retina Z2 - otherwise it's a 
Picasso.  If I had the money I'd get a Retina Z3 - even if I had to switch cables
10 times a day :^)

	I'd be happy to have more information - more on depth/screen Modes, info
on what modes are supported in NetBSD/X, and any good cable switching solutions.

	Thanks to everyone who has helped me, especially Jukka and Marcus!
I hope to be a few hundred dollars shorter soon :^)

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