Subject: Re: NetBSD on Aminet?
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Markus Illenseer <markus@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
List: amiga
Date: 01/18/1995 16:44:52
 As if that would be a surprise, i am completely *against* this issue for
several reasons. 

 Are we speaking of *NetBSD* in general or 'only' NetBSD-Amiga-binary-
distribution? How about X11R6, GNU, and so forth...?

On Jan 18,  2:29pm, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> > NetBSD on Aminet has some obvious advantages:
> >
> > - 20 mirrors. FTP, FSP, WWW, gopher, telnet, IRC and mailserver access

 Who all have space for 1GB of UNIX software?

> > - Several search engines that don't require you to download an index

 We do not require anything like that for NetBSD, as we have a logic
structure in our tree already.

> > - Advertisement for NetBSD, I'm sure many don't even know it exists

 We do not need this, as there is noone who cares about the support, or
since when is AmiNet giving free support to the users? NetBSD is not
AmigaDOS with millions of users where many can give advice or are able
to help. I strongly believe that having more (incompetent) users using
NetBSD is no help for it.

> > - Frequent updates on CD-ROM.

 I bet so. All yours, all yours? Ridcule, there is no support behind
those 'updates' other than getting binaries for sake of lot of money.

> > But there are drawbacks, too.
> >
> > - Tight restrictions on file names and directory structure

 That is *YOUR* problem. Our problem is to help those poor souls which
trapped into that stupity of yours. What for do we have ISO and POSIX
filename extensions and UFS ? For not using it? Because AmiNet is
beeing distributed on incapable BBSes?

> > - The need to write .readme files where they are missing

 Yes, great idea. Finally some work for you! 

> > - You upload whatever you feel appropriate. Experimental stuff should
> >   probably remain restricted regensburg.

 If ever I upload someting, it will be with the NoCD-Flag. And all the
archives will contain something out of my work with strict disclaimers 
which you cannot ignore.

> > Opinions?

 Yes, quite a lot. The most important is a plain 'NO' to this matter and
an announce to do all against this issue.

 All you are doing is to gather tons of material for your professional
and commercial CD-Distributions. You dont even plan to support the users
of this material, and as we (the advantage NetBSD-users) will later on
have to deal with the upcoming Joe-Doe-Users, I have a strong objection
against this distribution.

 NetBSD is not for the Amiga only, it is a  horizontal operating system
for more than 9 platforms. It would be quite stupid to rigg off the
Amiga part of it. 

 NetBSD and AmigaDOS are two way different things, they do not coexist
and they do not live nice next to each other. I see no reason why i should
be happy about to distribute NetBSD-Amiga on AmiNet, as we have already
some sort of NetBSD-Net. It is clueless to waste that much of bandwidth,
remmeber that quite a lot of ppl. are getting AmiNet outside the
Internet, you really believe that getting X11R6 on dozen of floppy disks
or via Modem is that much fun?

 If some of you have problems with my adressing: you== Urban D. Mueller,
Mr. Aminet. 

 Again: I am striclty against NetBSD on AmiNet, and if there are any
descision pro, I will take consquences out of this, yes, this is a flame.

Markus Illenseer