Subject: Graphics boards
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: H}kan Th|rngren <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/18/1995 15:51:30
Sorry to bug in, but I need some advice on which graphics board I should
get for NetBSD.  I have used NetBSD in the past, but went back to AmigaDOS
due to the boring X-display on 14" ECS.
I can't stand AmigaDOS any longer so I have to switch again.
I feel that I can get a decent 17" monitor, it can be used long after my
A3000 is gone, but what graphics board should I get?

I have asked this before and got the impression that Picasso II board
was what I should get.  Unfortunately, they are as other Amiga
graphics boards very high priced.  I can afford it, but I don't think 
they are woth it (5000kr ~ USD670 ~ DEM1000), so I have tried to 
locate a used graphics board, with very little success.
I have a guy who wants to sell me a Retina Z2, but I don't know how good 
they are.

I want a non-interlaced display of 1152x950 (or whatever the SUN-resolution
is), 256 colours and ~70Hz update freq or better.

>From what I understand, there are 4 alternatives:

1. Picasso II (or Spectrum or Piccolo) using a Cirrus chip.
   They fit into my specification?

2. Retina Z2.  The most likely board to be found on the second hand market.
   Can it do 1152x900 non-interlaced?   How is it compared  to a Cirrus
   board?  Is it slow?  (There must be a reason why they made Retina Z3)

3. Retina Z3.  1280x1024 non-interlaced and faster than Cirrus boards?

4. A PC-graphics board.  Can they be fit into the A3000 and used with NetBSD?

All opinions are very welcome.  I do want a *good* graphics board that
meets my needs and works with NetBSD.  It also be one of the most common
boards used by NetBSDers so that I am not left out in the cold in the future.
It should also be fast enough for normal use.  I don't know if this is a 
problem for any of the graphics boards above?  

Please enlighten me.


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