Subject: Re: NetBSD on Aminet?
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/18/1995 14:29:38
I'll include the whole text here as I think this hasn't been crossposted to the
NetBSD/Amiga-list by the original author...

> Newsgroups: comp.unix.amiga
> Organization: Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri USA
> Apparently-To: <>
> Last time I considered integrating NetBSD into Aminet, Markus Wild told
> me that it wasn't yet ready for such a wide distribution. Now we have
> virtually unlimited disk space, and my impression is that NetBSD is now
> mature and should be part of Aminet. I've considered Linux, too, but
> it's a lot newer and a quick scan through this newsgroup shows that
> NetBSD was mentioned twice as often as Linux.
> NetBSD on Aminet has some obvious advantages:
> - 20 mirrors. FTP, FSP, WWW, gopher, telnet, IRC and mailserver access
> - Several search engines that don't require you to download an index
> - Advertisement for NetBSD, I'm sure many don't even know it exists
> - Frequent updates on CD-ROM.
> But there are drawbacks, too.
> - Tight restrictions on file names and directory structure
> - The need to write .readme files where they are missing
> A word about the file naming restrictions: The defining feature of Aminet
> are the index files in the RECENT list format. Those require the file name.
> directory, size, and description to fit on one line. Therefore, directory
> and file name must be short. For the directory, I propose misc/bsd, so
> you've only got one directory. A quick count at uni-regensburg yields
> 120 archives, thus a single directory should pose no problem. Descriptions
> will make up for the lost information that was in the dir struct, and if
> many files arrive, we can switch to a bsd/???? directory struct.
> To keep the file names short, you'd probably have to adapt the foo.tgz
> file naming convention. Yes I know it's ugly, but .tar.gz carries no more
> information than .tgz
> My offer is the following:
> - I create that directory misc/bsd and fill it with those files from
>   uni-regensburg where I can manage to write a description in Aminet
>   format. (I've got the OK from Hubert to do so)

No you didn't! We were interrupted when we talked about it and I'd like to know
how we handle this first before you get that OK.

> - You upload whatever you feel appropriate. Experimental stuff should
>   probably remain restricted regensburg.
> Of course, any help with writing .readme files for the remaining files
> from regensburg is appreciated. Also, I could use help with bringing
> the binary distribution in a format that is appropriate for Aminet;
> the current dist seems very floppy oriented.
> Opinions?

Sure! Here are my suggestions:

1.) Uploads go to, either directly via FTP
    or from the Aminet incoming/misc/bsd or whatever. I'll gonna give it
    appropriate (unix-like) names then and move it over to contrib and
    contrib/X11. The format of the readme-file is acceptable to me, although
    my CONTENTS-files will continue wo have descriptions with more lines.
2.) You can put everything from release, contrib and contrib/X11 on Aminet.
    How you map the unix-like filenames to fir your needs is your problem.
    For me, using .tgz all over the tree is no option.

Please note that there is a compilation copyright on the files on, and also one on Aminet. If it's just
for the sake of spreading NetBSD, I guess we are not forced to use Aminet as
there is already a NetBSD/Networking-CD coming up for the Amiga which can
probably updated regularly and which will surely be cheaper than Aminet-CDs


P.S.: Please note my EMail-address has slightly changed:

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