Subject: booting ... loadbsd
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Timothy Newsham <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/17/1995 20:13:51

  I was just talking to someone who tried to load netbsd on his
a1000 with 512k chipmem.  Of course it wouldnt work.  I am wondering
what people think about putting more functionality in the loader
to support more platforms.  In particular the loader could:

    read amigados config information
    read netbsd kernel
    setup page tables to map fastmem to address zero
    move kernel to fastmem
    turn on MMU
    jump to kernel

the hard part comes with turning on the mmu.  The loader (actually
just a small portion of the loader) would have to be relocated to
another address that is valid before and after the mmu is turned
on.  The benefits is the size of the kernel is no longer restricted
by the size of chipmem.  

Another thing I would like for loadbsd is to be able to boot
from 1.3.  I think the easiest way would be to modify loadbsd
to be able to load and save configuration information.  When
run with a certain flag it would read the config info from a file
rather than through amigados 2.x calls.

                             Tim N.