Subject: BSD on CD Rom?
To: bsd <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: 620ACF/CSSO <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/15/1995 08:34:34
I've FTP'd the 1.0 files, and attempted to install the system on my 
Mag Opt only to find ount I can't put it on the removable...  No big 
deal there, I just moved it to my Quantem.  The problem is some of 
the files (I guess) were corrupted.  I don't have a checksum binary 
to check them out.  But the system did do most of the install (kinda)
 I was wondering if the BSD package is available on CD so I don't 
have to Re-FTP the files, and get the "extra utils too"

My second question is how do I accecc my FD0: (Floppy drive device)?
I've tried mounting it (Mount \dev\fdc0) with no luck, and also a 
plain CD (Don't know what the Dir name for the floppie is (default), 
so I did the MKDIR and mount using the ned dir, no dice.  Yea, as you
con tell I'm a total novice when it comes to Un*x. (That's why I got 

  I've heard mention of "Linux?"  What's better, more complete?  I've
received a mail-in card for a Linux CD (along fith FlagShip)  But I 
think it's only for x86 arch. and not m68K...

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