Subject: Re: sup via term
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/14/1995 09:30:02
>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Kelm <> writes:

Alan> I'm trying to do a sup over a 'term' connection.  (Term is neat
Alan> program of Linux origin that tunnels IP packets through a serial
Alan> line, and allows one to access the network via a dialup into an
Alan> unprivileged unix account.  It is referred to as "poor man's
Alan> slip").

Alan> Term itself works fine for me (I can get remote shells with
Alan> trsh, and use tdownload, etc).  Since sup uses service 871, I
Alan> give the command tredir 871 871 to get sup to use the port on
Alan> the host I'm dialed into.  I have made a supfile, as per the
Alan> instructions in /pub/sup/README.sup on  I've
Alan> also made an entry for in my /etc/hosts file.

Alan> When I try to test out sup with the command: sup -fv supfile It
Alan> tells me that it can't find a route to host (

Alan> I'm obviously missing something.  Could someone give me a hint?
Alan> Thanks,

Yes.  What you should do is this:

tredir 871

In order to bind the local 871 port to's sup port.
After this you can refer to localhost in your supfile instead of  That should get you going.


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