Subject: Re: trap ctrl-amiga-amiga
To: Alan Bair <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/13/1995 09:48:28
> Alan Bair Wrote:
> 1. Don't do anything special for the reset, primarly due to the fact that there
> 	is no guarantee that anything good like sync can actually be 
> 	accomplished during the allotted time period. If sync was attempted and
> 	the machine reset in the middle, you could make things worse if the
> 	machine was essentially queiscent and synced when the 3-finger reset
> 	was started.

(Last message was serious. This one is _humor_. You have been warned.)

If we setup NetBSD to always store disk buffers and drive related structures
in high memory we could change the KICK_TAG_PTR to point to our sync and
umount code. We could then have NetBSD write out remaining buffers (sync) and
unmount the drives _After_ it has rebooted! A kind of NetBSD meets RAD:!
Show me another Unix that can do that! :-) :-) ;-)

							David Maxwell