Subject: Re: bootstrap?
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ezra Story <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/10/1995 19:55:46
> I myself use a comfortable solution to boot my Amiga.
> Ok, it is not real UNIX boot or Lilo like but it is really easy to use.
> This solution is "Startup-Menu" found on Aminet (in util/boot/Startup-Menu.lha),
> it allows you to define a window with unlimited number of buttons to carry out 
> all sorts of tasks during the boot process or to select alternative startup 
> sequences, etc ... (It users reqtools.library).
> It can be the first thing in your s:startup-sequence and I have it with three
> buttons "Load BSD - Ask", "Load BSD Single User" and "Load BSD Auto".

I do something similar with the mouse button testing cli commands that
are on aminet.  I have it set up so that if I hold down my left mouse
button while booting, it mounts my netbsd root partition using bffs and
loads the kernel.  Otherwise, it just continues the startup-sequence,
booting into ados.  Now that I've begun to use netbsd more than ados, I
should probably reverse those two and add a single user/ask netbsd boot for
my middle mouse button. :-)