Subject: Re: Trapping CTRL-AMIGA-AMIGA
To: Tim Walls <>
From: Tobias Abt <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/10/1995 16:02:34
>   Is it possible to trap the CTRL-AMIGA-AMIGA reset
>   sequence, to (at least) sync the disks before it reboots,
>   better yet do a full "shutdown now" a la Linux?

Good idea. Can be done within ten seconds, I guess.
Stefan Becker wrote a ResetHandler (can be found on Aminet) for
the Amiga side which opens a window and counts down... 
Its technique should be easily adapted for NetBSD, only doing 
something 'more' reasonable... :-))

> My memory of the Miggy reset hardware is somewhatr sketchy,
> and I seem to remember something about only having about 10ms
> to respond to the reset sequence before the hardware does a
> full reset anyway which may make this impossible, but I figured
> I may as well ask;  its something which may at least
> help new users not kill their machines.

You want it implemented? Just do it! :-)))

> (Incidentall, for all I know, it may already do so - I've
> never actually tried the experiment ;-)
> Cheers, Tim.

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