Subject: Re: Trapping CTRL-AMIGA-AMIGA
To: Tim Walls <>
From: Martin Blom <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/10/1995 14:11:16
On Tue, 10 Jan 1995, Tim Walls wrote:

> Hiya;  a quick question thats been bothering me for a while
> now (along with a screen blanker, but I figured that would be
> reasonably easy to write using Views)...
>   Is it possible to trap the CTRL-AMIGA-AMIGA reset
>   sequence, to (at least) sync the disks before it reboots,
>   better yet do a full "shutdown now" a la Linux?
> My memory of the Miggy reset hardware is somewhatr sketchy,
> and I seem to remember something about only having about 10ms
> to respond to the reset sequence before the hardware does a
> full reset anyway which may make this impossible, but I figured
> I may as well ask;  its something which may at least
> help new users not kill their machines.
> (Incidentall, for all I know, it may already do so - I've
> never actually tried the experiment ;-)

After you have told the keyboard that you wish to do something before
the reset, you have 10 seconds before the computer is reset. (The Amiga
500 lack this feature, it should work on most 2000, and all