Subject: Re: NetBSD-Amiga FAQ
To: Alan Kelm <>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/06/1995 12:49:17
(I'm CCing this to the mailing list, just to show I haven't
forgotten what I'm doing ;-)

>Hi Tim,

Hi there, and a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from
me :*).  Sorry its taken a while to reply, (not to mention get a
new FAQ out), I've been away over Christmas.

>> If you just want to try out NetBSD and want to install it for the
>> first time, I also strongly suggest waiting a few weeks, until
>> NetBSD-1.0 is released. It is due around 1994/07/17.
>Perhaps a pointer to where to find Release 1.0,  and its INSTALL document 
>would be appropriate.
>time after things became safe.  That kept me away for a while.
>An up-to-date FAQ can help draw new users.

Yep, I agree with you entirely.  I have rewritten from scratch a lot
of the FAQ now to relate to the various changes, and included some
more comprehensive notes on things like compiling your own kernel
and using BinPatch.  The only reason I haven't released the changes
so far, is that I am also completely restructuring the document,
in particular to make it slightly easier to find the answer you want,
but also to make the document easier to maintain.

The main changes for the "reader" is that the FAQs chapter is now
subdivided into four sections - Installation, New Users, Hardware
and Miscellaneous problems, with questions appropriately (I hope ;-)
grouped under each heading.  The hardest change to implement is
in formalising all the TeXinfo link names to make it a lot easier
to maintain (eg.

   * How are the sheep today? ::

in the Farming chapter has been rewritten to

   * FARMS.HOWSHP :: How are the sheep today?

its a small change, but it means the xrefs and @node lines etc.
are a lot easier to type - but it does mean search-and-replacing quite
a lot of text :*).

The only reason I tell you (and the mailing list ;-) this in such
detail is so you don't think I've been sleeping all this time <grin>.

The new edition is "more or less" (hoho) finished now.  When I do finish
it (its mainly cleaning up now), I'll upload it in the usual texinfo,
ASCII, dvi and PostScript forms, but I'll also be putting an HTML
version up; anyone with an HTTP server who wants to put it online
has my blessing. 

Tim  (currently wading through the 632 EMails that arrived while I was
away :*).

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