Subject: Re: probs & newbie questions
To: None <>
From: Timothy Newsham <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/02/1995 10:10:05
> >  No use of the views yet. Chopps, explain how to connect a XServer using
> > your views and we'll do it...
> Views by themselves wouldn't allow you to switch between lets say an Xserver
> and a console, since besides *displaying* a console or an X-screen, you 
> also want a tty-device associated with both, so you can actually enter 
> something... so, views are a display-only thing, like different screen-modes
> under ados, they don't provide multiplexing of the keyboard and/or mouse
> devices at tty level.

But the author of an X server could catch a certain key sequence and then
switch back to the original display (un-display its view) and set things
back to let the keyboard go to the console.  In some of the view programs
i wrote I caught the SIGQUIT signal and used it to switch between the
view it opened and the view that was in use beforehand.  This allowed me
to make mandelbrots in the background and peak in on them from time
to time.

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