Subject: Re: probs & newbie questions
To: Geir Harald Hansen <>
From: Markus Illenseer <markus@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
List: amiga
Date: 01/02/1995 16:22:40
On Jan 2,  4:29am, Geir Harald Hansen wrote:
> What is the point of the CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (zap)
> key sequence in X11? It only freezes up my machine!

 Which XServer ?

> Is it possible to get the console to display ISO characters?

 No. Is only 7Bit.

> How can I generate the international ISO characters in X?
 Generate? Hm, the dead-keys dont work, but meta-key should,
something like compose-key a ` yields into something readable :)

> (all those alt combinations like alt-o, alt-h, alt-j etc. were
> great in ADOS! Anything similar possible?)

 And even more. man xmodmap.

> The 386BSD FAQ says stty() and gtty() were missing in 386BSD v0.1 but
> it's still missing in NetBSD 1.0 :( The macros from the FAQ works
> though.. (maybe they should be in an include file somewhere?)

 No idea.

> Daily insecurity output complains that /var/db/kvm_vmunix.db is
> missing. But isn't it called /var/db/kvm_netbsd.db ?

 Never encountered this problem yet.

> Are views used yet? Is it possible to switch between the X display
> and the console, and if so -- how? Any other uses? Any point in
> configuring more than 1 or 2 views in the kernel?

 No use of the views yet. Chopps, explain how to connect a XServer using
your views and we'll do it...

> Is there any text file anywhere explaining all the kernel compilation
> options? (/sys/arch/amiga/conf/*) Or would some kernel hacker somewhere
> be kind enough to make one?

 Hm, i always thought they were straight forward. Actually there are
'man pages' for this, just dont ask me where :)

> (What are the TIMEZONE and DST constants for? Can you use these to compile
> a kernel so that the time is correct on both the Amiga and NetBSD side?)

 TIMEZONE is obvious, no? DST should be Daylight saving time.

> When compiling the NetBSD 1.0 kernel I get:
> .../kern/sys_process.c:198:
> warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size

 Oh well. One warning in 1MB binary...

> Why is the cursor placed at line 24 (25?) when you log in? Does anyone
> have a console that small? On my 90x70 console this looks bad :(

 I have but the standard 80x24 console. Real vt200 (vt300). Use 'resize'.

> I get kernel panics when the system gets overloaded. When I compile
> a couple of things at the same time etc. The machine is swapping like
> crazy and then BAM - kernel panic :(

 Same here. But never had it happen reproducable, so i couldnt really 
report it. Happens only rarely anyway.

> I'm running NetBSD 1.0 on an A3000 with 4M fast and 2M chip.
> I have a 32M swap partition.. 32M swap and 4M memory is probably not
> a usual configuration :) so maybe other people run out of memory before
> they would get a kernel panic..?

 I have 12MB RAM (chipRAM doesnt count at all) and 25MB Swap. No problems
so far execpt the rare faults. I do get problems with my other A3k with 4MB,
though i just remember.

> I also got kernel panics when rebooting the GENERIC kernel with
> "cp /netbsd /dev/reload".. it happens right after "starting sys.logger"

 And what kernel do you have in RAM by the time you boot the kernel
using reload?
> Accessing ADOS devices freezes up my machine sometimes. Is this a known
> phenomenon? Buggy kernel code?

 Never encountered such a problem.

Markus Illenseer